The clean girl aesthetic trend is here to stay. For months we've all seen the beautifully clean, dreamy, nude nails all over Instagram... and we're still obsessed! The key to a perfect milky manicure is the perfect sheer nude, so that the natural shade of your nail shines through. 

Here's some of our favourite examples of clean girl aesthetics:

Milky Sheer Nude Manicure

By @sarahfalshaw

Ask your salon for the ultimate nearly naked nail with Evo Anthea


Pink Nude Milky Manicure

By @saskiafenwick

Want the perfect sheer effect for your skin tone? Ask for sheer colours to be layered together. This look was achieved by layering French Creme and French Rose


Layering Gel Manicure Nude Pink Sheer Milky

By @paintedbyjools

This soft, nude look was created by layering three thin applications of French Creme, as seen on SheerLuxe. 


White Milky Gel Manicure

By @emenstudio_

For the ultimate milky white, we recommend Donna by Evo. For a sheer, milky appearance you could ask your salon to apply one layer of your favourite nude followed by a layer of Donna, or alternatively ask for a small amount of base gel to be mixed in to give a more sheer consistency. 


Neutral Nude Gel Manicure

By @hayleyelizabethcosmetics

For a more neutral shade of sheer nude, give Luka a try! This shade looks beautiful on a wide range of skin tones and is also a beautiful base colour for a french manicure. 


You can create a wide variety of clean girl aesthetics with Bio Sculpture and Evo colours. We've put together a full list of sheer and nude colours for you to choose from below:






French Rose

French Creme

Sweet Candy Breath



French Blanc