Barbie has always been the ultimate muse for dream-chasing and fashion-slaying! As we draw inspiration from the enchanting world of Barbie, where style reigns supreme, we simply can't overlook the importance of accessories where our own nails play a crucial role as the ultimate accessory we adore. 

In this vibrant and playful corner of the beauty universe, we'll explore an array of Barbie-inspired nail colours and mesmerising nail art designs that will transport you back to the magical days of childhood play. 

From understated Barbie to full glam going “gaga” for gingham, we’ve got the most fabulous selection of Barbiecore shades to achieve Barbie-worthy nails that will make you feel like a real-life doll. So roll out the pink carpet, bring out your inner fashionista and let’s paint, polish, and play our way into a fabulous nail adventure.


Recreate this look using Party Animal and French Rosé


Recreate this look using Elizabeth and Aqua Clouds


Recreate this look using Elizabeth


Recreate this look using Pink Marshmallow and Belle of the Bop


Recreate this look using Baby Heart Confetti with the stars in French WhiteParty Animal and Pink Marshmallow


Recreate this look using French WhitePink Marshmallow and Baby Doll


Recreate this look using Jinkie Pink and Shimmering Joy


Recreate this look using TangerinePoco Pop and Classic Jacquard


Recreate this look using Fruity Tooty and Mermaids Tale


Recreate this look using Party AnimalFrench White and Baby Heart Confetti


Recreate this look using Aqua CloudsPink MarshmallowFrench Créme and Mermaids Tale


Recreate this look using Party Animal 


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